Tubing Deep Creek

Enjoy tubing on Deep Creek in its swift, cool mountain waters

From the parking lot at the Deep Creek trail head (just past the picnic area), carry your tube upstream about a mile into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The furtherest point to enter the creek is where Indian Creek and Deep Creek meet - The park sign warns "No tubing beyond this point."

Described as Nature's water ride, the tubing course at Deep Creek consists of two sections:

White water tubing for the adventurous

& family tubing in the lower link of the creek

The upper "whitewater" section flows from where Indian Creek joins Deep Creek through the narrow Deep Creek gorge. This is a wild, bouncy ride which often separates the rider from the tube, especially when the water is swift from Spring rains. At the end of the rapids section, there's a wide, deep swimming hole which provides a relaxing break before getting back on the tube.
The lower section is wider, much easier-going and more appropriate for smaller kids. Put-in for this section is at the swimming hole just above the first bridge on the Deep Creek trail. You can exit at the picnic area parking lot to go again, or...

...float on down to our exit steps just outside the park boundary for a quick snack or a hot shower when you ready to get out of the water.

NOTE: The land along the creek outside the Park boundary is private property. Please respect our neighbors and exit no further outside the park than our exit steps.