About Deep Creek Lodge & Tube Outpost:
  • We are an equipment rental company offering single day and multi-day tube rentals. We also have life jackets for rent at our Outpost desk. You can also purchase water shoes, dry bags and other necessities for your tubing excursion.
  • Our business is located right at the doorstep of the Smoky Mountains National Park, Deep Creek entrance. Although we are located right at the park, we are a private business and not a part of the National Park system. Tubing companies on Deep Creek are not allowed to run commercial shuttles into the park. However, our location is ideal for easy access and transport! Once you arrive to our Outpost, we will give you our recommendations about tubing on Deep Creek. Then we will load up your tubes onto your vehicle and send you off on your self-made adventure!
  • If you would like to book a room at The Lodge or Park’s Edge Cabin, please do so using the tabs above 
Important things to note about tubing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park:
  1. The National Park service now requires people 13 years of age and under to where a coast guard certified life jacket. You can bring your own or rent one from us at our Outpost store. We have a large supply that fit small children to XXL Adult.  Park Rangers have been issuing hefty fines for children seen not wearing life jackets.
  2. The park has now implemented a parking pass fee. Once you enter the park, you will purchase your $5 parking pass at the kiosk in the picnic area and then proceed on to find a parking space. Unload your tubes from your car and let the adventure begin!
  3.  The Tubing section of Deep Creek is inside  the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Like all national parks, dogs are not allowed in most areas. The trail that you travel for tubing is one of those restricted areas. That said, dogs aren’t allowed on this section of trail or in our tubes.
  4. Alcohol is prohibited inside of National Parks.
  5. You will walk at least 1/2 mile and up to 1 mi on a gravel trail for your tubing adventure. Most people travel light, only carrying their tubes, a bottle of water and maybe a small dry bag strapped to your body for essentials. This is not one of those Rivers where you’re going to want to try and carry a cooler. However, at the end of the run is a beautifully laid out picnic area in the National Park where lots of people picnic after their tubing trip.
  6. We do not recommend taking car keys on the water.  Hide them somewhere.  Some of these new cars have key fobs that can only be replaced by the dealership.  If you lose your car keys in the Creek, you could wait for days trying to get a replacement key for your car.
  7. Deep Creek is a natural River. The water level depends on the rainfall. People tube the river at all flow stages  but you may want to check it for yourself. We don’t monitor the water level nor does the Park Service report to us any information regarding water levels.
  8. Deep Creek is a beautiful wonder of nature and is not man made.  It is not damn controlled, does not travel in a loop and there are no nets at the end of the run to catch your equipment. Lost equipment will result in a replacement fee.
  9. Wear proper water shoes or some type of shoe that will stay fastened to your foot. Flip-flops and Crocs are not recommended. You will need a reliable shoe in case you flip over so that you can help yourself and also catch your tube!
  10. We rent tubes from Spring to Fall, rain or shine!  We are happy to move your reservation to a different day but we don’t issue refunds due to weather or other trip related issues.
  11. Tubing is an active sport and requires some level of fitness.  There are white water rapids and fast current in some areas.
  12. We don’t recommend taking children under 4 years old on Deep Creek.  The water is cold and there is fast current/deep water in areas, all of which could be hazardous for small children.
  13. It is our recommendation that ANYONE who cannot swim wear a life jacket.  There are deep pockets in the river that may be over your head.
  14. Tubing is a fun and affordable way to spend a day – we provide the gear, you make your own adventure!  We are happy to share tips and trick about tubing but we assume no liability for lost personal items, mis-information and/or injuries. Tube at Your Own Risk.

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    *Tubing Season runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend

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